Weis Holiday Spots

This was a rare case were I was hired to build, animate (stop motion), and composite for Weis Holiday Commercials. Usually its one of the three but usually not all. I was even able to have my dog Lucy in both spots :) She was paid with tons of dog treats and food from the shoot.

I made all of the gingerbread men seen in the christmas spot. All of the food products were actual size and then composited into the miniature set we built. I really enjoyed rigging the lights for these sets. Most of it was purchased doll house scale with customized features. I updated the fridge to be stainless steel and made the island counter top into a butcher block.
Recessed Lighting in Kitchen

We animated the turkey in stopmotion. Instead of rigging the turkey with an armature I decided it would be best to rod it and then puppeteer it into poses and remove the rods in post. 
I posed the legs and Martin worked the wings

We were able to achieve our poses through the use of  a monitor. 
When we were happy with the pose we were able to grab a frame in Dragon. Dragon is a frame capture and playback program for stopmotion.

you can see both spots for Weis here.

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