Lunchables Sweepstakes - Allosaurus Build

Ian Pilger and I were assigned the Allosaurous for the Lunchables Sweepstakes to win a trip to The Smithsonian. We worked in tandom at Curious Pictures.

I was great to collaborate with such a talented sculptor.

Ian sculpted The skull and Legs and I made the rest. I first made the armature modular so we could work separately and then assemble for the final animation Puppet. The hips had keyed registrations for the tail the spine and the legs. The spine had a flexible rib cage with registration for the arms and head.

Unpainted Animation Model
modular Armature

We also needed a retro flashlight so I used a control knob from a vintage stereo and a piece of plastic from an old toy to make the flashlight. It had a 6volt bulb that could be controlled from an external power source.
actual size

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