Obsession of a Strigiphile

 Anyone who knows me is aware of an obsession that i have had for years. Owls...
I can't really explain why.I used to see a different owl every day, always depicted through design, not photographs or actual owls. This lasted for over five years. I never went out of my way to see them but like clockwork ever day, I saw at least one new owl depiction. I would point out these owls to people who knew about this phenomenom. I don't really know why this was happening but i enjoyed seeing all of the variations on what always seemed to be the great horned owl. 

This is an owl puppet I've been working on. It has a blinking eye mechanism, wing flap mechanism, plumicorn fore and aft mech and articulated mouth and feet. The legs are also jointed. A well rounded hand puppet

Here is a pair of actual Great Horned Owls I photographed through a telescope in NYC.