Counting Underwater

This was a pitch that I created for Sesame Street. It is currently viewable online in a contest on Aniboom. Vinny McAuliffe is the talented musician behind the song and the voice of the clam. 

These are motion paths from a recent project i finished on how to Count To Ten. I thought these would be fun to share because I felt they were interesting to look at when viewed all together.  There are hundreds of drawings at work here, all drawn on paper and colored in Photoshop.
These were potential designs for the numbers.
This is an example of thumbnail sketch when I worked out the action of each number/character.

The clam was first sculpted in clay. I made a mold of the top and bottom seperatly. Each half was cast in plastic with pearlescent powder. The tongue was sculpted and then cast in silicone. 

(Here, the clam is pictured on top of all the animation drawings)

Monkey Update

I've been super busy with other projects. People keep asking about the monkey. I have put this together to keep everyone happy.

stay tuned
Lucy Looks Thrilled

Telegram Visuel

In keeping with Isabella Rossellini's Green Porno style, I was hired to work on her short film, "telegram visuel ". I made various puppets out of paper and helped puppeteer them.

This particular short was about Salmon farming and its devistating effects. In the film, she uses tabletop puppetry and hand-rod puppets made from paper to tell her story. 

Ice Cream and Cake

These are some puppets I worked on for a series of Baskin Robbins holiday comercials. I  cant look at these photos without having that song play in my head. These were done at Curious Pictures and directed by Abe Spear. After the sculpts were approved, the bodies were cast in foam latex, and other parts were cast in plastic. There were a few puppet makers involved with this job. 

Shown, are the indian, skeleton, frankenstein, and reindeer that I made.