Kia Optima - History Channel : Evolution of the Wheel

History Channel - History of the Wheel (Kia) from LAIR.tv on Vimeo.

Agency: AETN
Agency Producer: Tom Kaniewski
Director: Thor Raxlen
Head of Production: Theresa Loguercio
Illustrator: Victor Kerlow
Animator: Brian Haimes
Editor: Ryan Powell

Here is Something I just animated with Victor Kerlow at LAIR. This is for The Kia Optima and is currently running on The History Channel. I worked out all of the timing and spacing based on Victor's storyboards. Then Victor and I went in and animated sections. I would rough out the transformations and cycles and Victor inked everything in his illustrative style. He also did individual water colors for all frames as well as animated some sections.

This was a very fun project :)

Here is a sample of Victors layout drawing and my rough animation.
Just for fun... The watercolors from the spot...

some of the drawings
some of the many water colors

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