EGG Factory - Adult Swim

 Upfront Party at Roseland Ballroom.This was something I worked on with Square Design Inc. The theme of the party was Owls. They made these amazing 13 Foot Great Horned Owls that shot lasers out of there eyes. They were on the main stage and projected animations and designs all over. I worked on the Egg Factory scene as you enter the Ballroom.  You will see in the video how this illusion works and its final dressing. This concept was designed by Adult Swim and i was in charge of making the electro mechanical parts work. It has two convoyeur belts with speed control as well as an electric timer for the lights. The eggs are Blacklight sensitive as well as the owls.

(left) myself, Travis, Adam and Eugene (front)

Electric timer for Tunnel

re-wired conveyor belt

Black Light and final look

smoke stacks

more smoke

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